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Australian society and economy is dominated by its cities and regions, and the future of Australia’s environment is also linked to urban sustainability. The State of Australian Cities is a national forum, held biennially, to share scholarship directed at the complex and multidimensional issues facing us as an urban nation. This conference will seek ways of bridging the divides created by a focus on disciplinary based approaches to research, towards better cities in a better country.
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Melbourne Ian Potter
Melbourne RMIT Story Hall Building Bricks Building Frame Work
Melbourne Bay
Laneway Graffiti

The Urban Porkies

An unfortunate phenomenon of some recent grey literature in the "Cities" space has been the tendency to try and present documents as research or scholarly documents when they might be better classified as ones where the research answers are written before the research questions. SOAC wants to "honour" this category of documents with a special award-The Urban Porkies to be presented at the dinner.
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Southern Cross Station

John French Landscape Design RMIT, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Swinburne, Institute for Social Research City of Melbpurne Department of Planning and Community Development AHURI Australia Housing and Urban Research Institute
Monash University NCCARF Settlements Infrastructure Grattan Institute La Trobe University City Futures UNSW

The State of Australian Cities conference is a biennial event convened by the Australian Sustainable Cities and Regions Network (ASCRN)