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What To Consider When Planning Your Car Garage

Posted by on Feb 24, 2017

What To Consider When Planning Your Car Garage

Mechanical repairs to your car can be an absolute nightmare. A 6 car garage may be perfect for vehicle enthusiasts and collectors, or just large families with many people driving age. Whether it’s for your cool new-to-you classic rebuild, or for little Jimmy’s beater, the extra space can be a blessing. When developing your six car garage plan, you must think about a design for the building. After deciding on a location, you will need to come to a decision about the dimensions of your structure. It should be about 40 X 40 feet for a square, doubled-up style, or 72 X 24 feet for a rectangular single space style. The height of the garage will be based on the nature of the overhead door you decide on, whether a single or double overhead door or a combination of the two. 

After choosing a location, you much chose foundation material for your six car garage plan. You should, at the very least, consult a professional at this point, if not hire one to do the work for you. Laying a foundation can be tricky business if you do not have the proper tools or materials. Also, larger structures may need addition supports, especially if considering making space for a loft or apartment, or addition rooms within the garage. 

For the exterior structure of your six car garage plan, you may want to consider sturdier materials than those suggested for smaller garages. With more weight, and more value held within, upgrading may not be a bad idea. After all, isn’t the whole point of building a large garage to protect the things within? 

Also, with a six-car garage plan, it is likely that the garage, if not completely for vehicle storage and mechanics, will also contain an apartment or storage space. If you are considering building an apartment within your garage, you will want to make sure you have included that in the plans before contacting building development. It will also become more important to consider a good plumber and electrician to come and do your wiring and plumbing, and other possible contractors.

Car Garage Design Planning

Also, if you plan to rent the property, you will want to see what your local and state laws are, and consider having the garage wired for internet and cable, and any other features that have become popular. The more you offer, the better the price. 

Finally, you will want to decide on other comforts. For example, do you have collectors’ items in your garage? If so, do they require a heating and cooling system? Do you prefer to work on your cars? If so, then make sure you have a sink and proper storage available to you. At this point, it may be better to overestimate the space needed a bit you can always build more benches and cupboards as you need them. 

Building a six car garage will take more effort, and money, than its smaller counterparts, but for those who have large families, collect vehicles, or just want to make a few extra dollars, it may be the ideal investment.

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Converting Your Car Garage

Posted by on Jan 17, 2017

If given proper thought, this can be a very viable way of adding value to a home. This is because it’s a cost effective measure which one can use to remodel their home. Though one has to keep a lot of factors in mind, the benefits outweigh the shortcomings. This exercise can serve best to increase the habitable space in the home without necessarily moving into a new house. When planning to carry out a home remodel, it’s important to have the following factors in mind:

i. Approval from building regulations authority.

This is the first step that one should have in mind even before thinking of getting the car mechanic to vacate the automobiles and any other equipment from the garage. It is paramount to ensure that the desire to execute a home remodel doesn’t land one on the wrong side of the law in as much as it is done on private property.

ii. Design conversion details.

One has to be very keen on this so as to make the garage look like the rest of the house. This involves activities such as ensuring that the details of the exterior design such as the brick art, the doors and windows that are put in place look like the already existing ones. The décor that is done on the room should also match the rest of the house. If there is need to bring new furniture into the room, then it should also be proportionate to its size.

iii. Plumbing and wiring.

For wiring, one has to beware of any existing connections in the room. If one cannot clearly define where wiring has been done before, the car mechanic would come in handy since they must be conversant with the connections. An electrician could recommend for an upgrade of the electricity consumer unit for the whole house to cater for the increased consumption. If the garage is detached from the main house a connection via underground a conduit will do. For plumbing, one should ensure that they know where the main water outflows are. Locating the soil outflow is also necessary in case one needs to install a toilet.

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Available Choices In Remodeling Your Basement

Posted by on Nov 29, 2016

Top How to Remodel Your Basement Choices

There are various different ways to approach a basement remodel. It might cost more based on the design and materials you select. In addition to the fundamental layout design of your basement, you need to think about the interior design. A basement design sets the foundation for all renovations to be completed in your house, so it’s very important to pick a decent design. Most importantly, you should have a complete and skilled design done initially of your finished basement undertaking.

how to remodel your basement

How to Remodel Your Basement – the Story

One of many areas that need to be finished with good care is the basement ceiling. Basement region of the home is often neglected and mostly employed for storage purpose. It is possible to convert your old dark basement location into a recreational place. Although you desire some space designated just for storing your extra items, but should you use your complete basement for this purpose then you’re wasting a great deal of space that can be utilized in a great way.

If you prefer to take it literally, it is a little misnomer to finish” a basement. Once now is the time to begin remodeling take everything from the basement. A number of the very best basement finishing works maximizes the usage of organic resources. If you’re uncertain about the ideal usage of space, seek the services of an architect to assist with the plan. You don’t require any of the massive boy tools to build a couple of walls, you can begin this weekend and be done the next.

The advantage of experiencing a basement is you may convert it into any room which you want. It may look cleaner and a step up when it comes to interior design, but it truly isn’t likely to supply that finished look, nor is it likely to function exactly like a truly finished basement. Whatever you decide with regard to furnishings, a basement entertainment room will probably grow to be the focus of your house!

What You Should Do to Find Out About How to Remodel Your Basement Before You’re Left Behind

Follow the ideas given below to make sure that you design the basement well. It’s far better think of what you require the basement to be before you commence designing it. Basement finishing not only increases the satisfaction of your house, it is also going to increase your house’s value. The basement ought to be treated the exact same like it were leaky. After the basement is totally waterproofed you can commence framing the basement. Keep in mind that basements normally have low ceilings so you’re going to need to make the most of the space. The basement in your house can become your favourite place.

When the majority of people consider basements they consider cold, dark, dusty storage spaces. There are a number of other methods to finish a basement too. The basement is a place of a house that is frequently overlooked and underused which is quite similar to the garage door area of the home. As an extra bonus, a properly finished basement may be used for nearly any goal.

Individuals always believe that the basement is a dark location. If your basement was finished with drywall, it might be seriously damaged over the course of a flood. If it has flooded in the past, or your basement is wet on a regular basis it’s not really a great idea to finish the space. It’s still possible to finish your basement, naturally, but in case the ceilings are already low you might not wish to bring a dropped ceiling. First off, just as it’s a basement doesn’t mean it has to be treated any differently from the remainder of your house. A basement can be turned into nearly every room, it may get additional bedrooms, a house gym, and recreation area, a house theatre, or perhaps a playroom for your children. To start, you are in need of a dry basement.

New Step by Step Roadmap for How to Remodel Your Basement

If you prefer to use the room for anything besides storage, find a means to refresh the appearance of this space. Based on the use which you are going to set the room to, there are a number of basement decorating ideas that you are able to use for your basement. Our room is really taking shape. Keep in mind that basement floors are often uneven on account of the design to aid with drainage. The floor is a rather critical surface in, in the basement as it’s the one that you’re in touch with most. To start with, you have to have a very good cement floor, and it must be utterly clean.

You’re likely to should frame a wall. There are lots of very good approaches to insulate basement walls. It’s possible for you to clean your basement walls, then apply several coats of top quality paint. Concrete basement walls aren’t very attractive. You are able to complete the basement ceiling how you like.

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