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Converting Your Car Garage

Posted by on Jan 17, 2017

If given proper thought, this can be a very viable way of adding value to a home. This is because it’s a cost effective measure which one can use to remodel their home. Though one has to keep a lot of factors in mind, the benefits outweigh the shortcomings. This exercise can serve best to increase the habitable space in the home without necessarily moving into a new house. When planning to carry out a home remodel, it’s important to have the following factors in mind:

i. Approval from building regulations authority.

This is the first step that one should have in mind even before thinking of getting the car mechanic to vacate the automobiles and any other equipment from the garage. It is paramount to ensure that the desire to execute a home remodel doesn’t land one on the wrong side of the law in as much as it is done on private property.

ii. Design conversion details.

One has to be very keen on this so as to make the garage look like the rest of the house. This involves activities such as ensuring that the details of the exterior design such as the brick art, the doors and windows that are put in place look like the already existing ones. The décor that is done on the room should also match the rest of the house. If there is need to bring new furniture into the room, then it should also be proportionate to its size.

iii. Plumbing and wiring.

For wiring, one has to beware of any existing connections in the room. If one cannot clearly define where wiring has been done before, the car mechanic would come in handy since they must be conversant with the connections. An electrician could recommend for an upgrade of the electricity consumer unit for the whole house to cater for the increased consumption. If the garage is detached from the main house a connection via underground a conduit will do. For plumbing, one should ensure that they know where the main water outflows are. Locating the soil outflow is also necessary in case one needs to install a toilet.

iv. Flooring.

Most garage floors are usually below the normal floors for other rooms. Therefore, this calls for raising once the automobile(s) has been removed from the room. This depends on whether the ceiling height allows. The other improvement done on the floors is damp proofing, which must be done carefully to avoid capillarity action which may occur and cause rotting of the bricks.

v. Insulation.

Its requirement by the law that insulation should be done windows and doors to some extent. This should also be done to the roof and the floor. A good method of doing it is through dry-lining. This is for the walls. when insulation is not done to the required standard it can cause the room to be cold and damp as well.

vi. Acquiring the certificate of completion.

This is a very crucial document for any building under construction or renovation. It serves to show that the home remodel exercise was successfully completed and that it meets the required standards. It also adds value to the home in the event of selling the property.

Automobiles may not necessarily require to be kept in a garage. This is why garage conversions are becoming common home remodeling practices to cater for the needs of growing families. The converted rooms could be used as kitchens, home offices, or even additional dining areas. Though it’s a good move, it is always good to consult a car mechanic on the needs of one’s vehicles so that they can be sure that they can take care of the automobiles well even after doing the home remodel.

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